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Waitlist Software Comparison Table

This is an overview of all major providers of pre-launch waitlist software, including our competitors like ReferList, ConvertKit, and Prefinery. If you have any questions about which service might best suit your needs for a viral pre-launch referral or email marketing system, please feel free to ask us on Intercom.
GetWaitlist.comPrefineryViral LoopsConvertKitReferlistTuemilioKickoff LabsMailchimp
Free PlanUnlimited30 day trialUp to 100 signupsUp to 1,000 signupsUp to 100 signups30 day trialUp to 500 signupsUp to 2,000 daily
Price for 10,000 SignupsFree$129$299$119Not supported (3,000 signups max)$49$75$70
Price for 100,000 SignupsFree$1,500+Talk to Sales$619Not supported (3,000 signups max)$49$299$700
Embed Waitlist Form
Custom Waitlist Design
Referral Management
Rewards for Referrals
Email Verification
Slack Integration
Webhook Support
API Integration
Signup Analytics
Spam Protection
Zapier Integration
Custom Email Templates
Send Email from your Domain
UTM Support

Additional Detailed Comparisons

We have service-by-service comparisons between Waitlist and competing pre-launch waitlist providers:
Still not sure? Our team is here to help you figure out how best to launch your product. We will give you unbiased advice on which service is best for your needs: whether that's making a landing page for your Waitlist, preparing to launch to a million users, or needing to create a pre-launch newsletter, we're here to help. We've seen thousands of great product launches, have managed millions of users on pre-launch lists, and know every single relevant product in the pre-launch/mailing list/referral marketing space. You can email us any time or chat with us right here.
Waitlist API - Quick and easy waitlist with built in referral. | Product Hunt

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