Waitlist as an Alternative to Prefinery

Prefinery is a popular online referral marketing service with two main products:
  1. Pre-launch Waitlist Campaigns
  2. Post-launch Refer-a-Friend Campaigns
Prefinery has been around since 2008 and has run 20k+ campaigns for 20k+ businesses, collecting 15 million leads in the process. By contrast, at the time of writing, Waitlist has only been around for three years, but has already collected 8 million leads to-date.
Prefinery offers two good solutions, but they are expensive. It's easy to hit the enterprise pricing tier with Prefinery — if you want to have more than 100,000 signups on your pre-launch waitlist, you're going to be paying $1,500+ a month. That's a steep price. With Waitlist, that'd still be well within the free tier, and you'd only have to pay up for certain premium features. Prefinery doesn't even have a true free tier, only a 30-day trial.
We've never used Prefinery — given how long it's been around, we're willing to believe that it's fine software, but if you're trying to make a pre-launch waitlist campaign, we'd encourage to you to save the money and try GetWaitlist instead.
If you're making a post-launch refer-a-friend campaign, there are also other good inexpensive options, like ReferralHero or GrowSurf. Full disclosure, GetWaitlist isn't a great solution for post-launch refer-a-friend campaigns. You could use our API to manage referral codes for a refer-a-friend campaign, but we recommend using GetWaitlist.com for a post-launch campaign only if the other mainstream options aren't a fit.
For pre-launch waitlist campaigns, Prefinery offers broadly similar features to other pre-launch waitlist service providers. Again, the catch with Prefinery is just that all these features are expensive.
  • Landing Page with built-in waitlist widget for submitting email addresses
  • No-code widget that you can embed in a website
  • Ability to design the waitlist widget with your custom colors, styles, questions, etc.
  • Branded links with refer-a-friend referral codes
  • Spam prevention
  • API, Zapier, Webhook integrations
We offer the same — and much more — here at GetWaitlist. We've made sure to be at feature-parity with Prefinery, just as well as with all other major pre-launch Waitlist software service providers. You can check out our list of supported platforms and features, but most importantly, you can see that our product is a much cheaper on our pricing page. For most purposes, you can use GetWaitlist entirely for free!
Ultimately, we're proud to emphasize that since launching in August 2020, we're already half the size of Prefinery, which is twelve years older than us. Here at getwaitlist.com, we're providing the fastest-growing, best pre-launch waitlist solution, and best of all — we've got the best free tier in the referral marketing industry. Prefinery is a fine but expensive service; we would argue that GetWaitlist — at least for the pre-launch waitlist service — is the better product, and certainly it is better priced. Reach out to us on Intercom if you have any questions!
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