Waitlist as an Alternative to ReferList

You may have heard of ReferList as an online pre-launch waitlist software vendor. The pitch was similar to Waitlist's: create viral loops with referral marketing before your product goes live.
Referlist.co launched on Product Hunt and Hacker News in December 2019, but it looks like it's been offline since June 2023. The website doesn't load, their Firebase App is disconnected when you try to sign in, and the Internet Archive doesn't have a snapshot of the website after that. We've left ReferList in our comparison table for historical accuracy, but it looks like Referlist is no longer a viable pre-launch referral marketing campaign service. We encourage Referlist users who are looking for a new Waitlisting solution to try getwaitlist.com instead.
Beyond now being offline, Referlist offered the same services as many other launchlist software providers:
  • Landing Page with built-in waitlist widget for submitting email addresses
  • Standalone widget that you can embed in a website
  • Referral codes that carry through when the user signs up and refers a friend to the same website
  • Export signups to CSV or MailChimp, so you can do email marketing
  • Style your waitlist landing page with colors, text, etc. of your choice.
  • Seed the waitlist with signups so it doesn't look empty.
We offer the same — and much more — here at GetWaitlist. Check out our list of supported platforms and features.
This is a good opportunity to emphasize Waitlist's stability: since launching in August 2020, we have powered many millions of signups, without ever encountering significant downtime. We are committed to providing our service for the long term.
Waitlist API - Quick and easy waitlist with built in referral. | Product Hunt

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