Waitlist Documentation for No-Code and Developer Integrations

This is the official documentation for GetWaitlist. Waitlist is viral pre-launch referral marketing software. This documentation has three key parts: waitlist integrations with no-code website builders, use of the Waitlist API, and special features that you can enable for your waitlist.

What is Waitlist?

Waitlist is software for creating pre-launch waitlists for users to drive virality and engagement through referral marketing. We make it easy for you to validate a product idea or create a viral loop with our refer-a-friend pre-launch waitlists. This documentation is designed to help you best understand how to use our Waitlist software, customize your pre-launch experience, integrate our waitlist form on your website, and drive sign-ups for your waiting list

Getting Started

To get started, sign up for an account at getwaitlist.com, and then create a new waitlist in your Waitlist Dashboard. From there, you can experiment with our pre-launch waitlist forms and sign up a few users -- it's really easy. You can read our documentation on how to integrate your waitlist with your website via no-code platforms, launch your waitlist using our hosted landing pages, or integrate your frontend experience using our API.

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No-Code Integrations

Your dashboard provides an easily customizable widget (or waitlist form) for every waitlist that you can copy and paste into your website. Our guides cover popular website builders like Squarespace, Typedream, Webflow, etc. as well as plain HTML and React. Explore the platforms we integrate with here.


Integrating with our API lets you fully control the frontend user experience and deliver a highly customized product. Our documented API requires no authentication, making it quick and easy to integrate. We have a much more extensive authenticated API, but only a tiny part is publicly documented here. If you need more in-depth programmatic access, just reach out, and we will onboard you. Get started here.

Best Practices

To have the most successful Waitlist launch experience, you'll want to make sure that:

  • Your Waitlist Form is customized to match your brand;
  • You've set your Waitlist URL to match where your Waitlist is hosted;
  • You've picked an appropriate name for your Waitlist;
  • You've carefully read all the settings for your Waitlist and picked the best ones;
  • If you've upgraded to Pro, you've customized all your automatic Waitlist emails and configured emails to send from your domain via Waitlist.

Tips for Launching Your Waitlist

Once you've created and configured your Waitlist, you're ready to launch it to your potential customers. You'll want to address your existing audience: tell your followers on Twitter, LinkedIn, Product Hunt, etc., about your Waitlist. Email them in the lead-up to the product launch, and give them a good incentive for referring their friends. For example, you could say that the top 100 users with the most referrals get access two weeks before everyone else. You will want to make sure you are engaging your audience before your product launch. This is so that when you launch, your audience is as engaged as possible and using your product on day one. For more examples of successful pre-launch waitlist campaigns and products that succeeded with waitlists, check out our blog.

Comments and Questions

For more waitlist customization or help to launch your next product, please feel free to write to hello@getwaitlist.com and we'll respond as quickly as we can.


Getting Started

Create a Waitlist today by following our quickstart guide.

No-Code Documentation

Pick the platform of your choice and follow our guide to integrate a Waitlist widget.

API Documentation

Use our API Documentation to integrate a Waitlist with your existing stack.


Explore features like leaderboards, Zapier, Webhooks and more.