How to Customize your Waitlist with the Widget Builder

One of the great features that GetWaitlist offers is for you to be able to customize how every aspect of how your waitlist looks. You can customize the different things relating to your Waitlist like the way the form looks (color, style, text, e.t.c.). The customizations are further divided into different sections.


The design section allows you to customize your Waitlist's presentation. You can configure things like:

  • Submit Button Color
  • Background Color
  • Font Color
  • Button Font Color
  • Title
  • Waitlist Logo, and So much more.

Widget Builder: Design


The social section allows you to customize everything pertaining to "Social Media" about your waitlist, including the appearance of your waitlist links when it's been shared on Social Media platforms. You get to set Social Media Cards for your waitlist by adding your own title, description, and image. You also get to set a default message for users to share their referral links on social media. Widget Builder: Socials


This section allows you to add custom questions to your waitlist that users need to provide an answer to. Widget Builder: Questions

Widget Types

The Widget builder section also shows you different Widget Types on the right hand side, you can lean more about it here